What we do

We are in the business of intervening in other people’s business to get to a shared clarity over the best course of action ahead. This usually takes place in the messy space where business strategy, communications and culture collide.

Get agreement on the important stuff

Getting people together to talk honestly, engage and make decisions can be tough. We have years of experience intervening in commercial, charity and government organisations doing just that. We have honed our skills in bringing diverse views together to focus on what really matters and get to a conclusion. 

We use structured conversations as a tool to stress test assumptions and illuminate new answers. Intergenerational, intercontinental and interdisciplinary perspectives are invited to the table for fresh thinking and richer discourse to get to better answers. 

It’s a more deliberate use of time together, being clear about what we’re really asking people to sign up to. And why. 

Articulate to motivate

Your strategy is only as good as the language you use to communicate it. We help you develop a fluency in your organisation’s ambition and role in a changing world. So that it’s easier and more interesting for others to join in. 

We pour our energy into finding the perfect balance between clear, logical thought and imaginative, inspirational language. Let’s not forget, the end goal is not to just create “messaging”, but to provoke a response to make change happen.

To do this, we help you to break out of the internal echo chamber, making space amidst the day-to-day pressures, and bring in professional writers to find the perfect words (and not too many of them).

Choose your moves

Nothing good ever ended in a powerpoint presentation. We understand the frustration of yet another consultancy ‘deck’.  We develop practical strategies that are ready for you (and others) to deploy in the real world. 

This involves working together to prioritise efforts and initiatives through the lens of a more focused strategic agenda. Making choices. Getting rid of some stuff. 

We work with you to identify workstreams needed to make change happen. We make it clear so colleagues and partners can focus on what matters most.

We can move you
From questions to answers
From debate to action
From mess to progress
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“Amazing work”
– Yoav Zeif, CEO of global 3D printing giant Stratasys
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“Something More Near expertly steered our leadership and senior employees through a process to embrace who we want to be and the positive impact we want to have on the world”
– Claire Fraser, Global Head of Communications, Allianz Real Estate
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“They were the critical friends we needed to help us find a way through many unknowns on a particularly challenging project”
– Laura Overall, Senior VP of Communications at agritech giant CNH Industrial
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