African Mountain Research

Safeguarding Africa's water supply


We jumped straight into this fantastic initiative led by Alex Hickman to change policy perceptions and on the ground impact around mountain eco-systems in Africa. We helped them build an online presence in record time, ready for a formal fundraising launch with potential investors and supporters.

Southern Africa’s biodiversity-rich mountains play a vital role in providing water for millions of people in surrounding semi-arid areas. However they are under threat and misunderstood. Landscape degradation is being exacerbated by rapid climate change that appears to be driving increased drought frequency. Without intervention, water supply to the region’s agriculture and cities will deteriorate, with extremely serious consequences for livelihoods and social and political cohesion.


Generating data to enable effective intervention

A major problem is the lack of robust scientific data to inform policy and to drive appropriate action on southern Africa's mountains. As long as southern Africa's scientists and policymakers are so data poor, the region's mountains are highly vulnerable to interventions which are inappropriate and even harmful. 


A response from the UK

African Mountain Research (AMR) is a UK registered social enterprise set up to take urgent action installing high level hydro-meteorology monitoring equipment in 9 locations in Angola, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in order to generate badly needed data on how climate change is impacting southern Africa’s weather and rainfall. Each Mountain Research Station will create valuable field research opportunities for southern Africa’s scientists, and employment and skills-training opportunities for mountain communities. And supported by paying volunteers from the Northern Hemisphere. We have helped input to the launch of this great initiative, put up a website in record time and continue to see how we can use our skills and networks to help.

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