helping workers collect what they deserve

Workerbird – formerly known as Wage Check – is a digital start-up that aims to help low-paid workers calculate whether they are getting paid properly. The social enterprise needed a new name, messaging strategy and visual identity to communicate effectively with both service users and potential investors.

We coined the name Workerbird to imbue this procedural product with a welcoming personality. The identity was designed over just a few days, working from a stripped-back brief to create a logo and wordmark and select an accompanying Google font and brand colours.

The identity needed to feel friendly and approachable, so an adaptable bird icon was developed. The 'worker bird’ enlivens the brand in its native digital environment, popping up sporadically on the app in different poses, much like a robin following a gardener digging.

This lean solution for Workerbird has equipped the company to attract its next round of investment.

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