White Noise

putting white city on the map

White City had an image problem in 2016. Stanhope were building London’s newest tech and cultural hub in the neighbourhood, but the public's associations with the area tended to be the BBC, Westfield, or nothing at all.

White Noise was a content-driven, placemaking strategy over two years. The project stitched the district back into everyone's mental map of London – while engaging with the local community.

We employed a team of editorial specialists, to bring a journalistic flavour to the project. In-depth interviews and old-fashioned reporting on local events, combined with a printed map and newspaper forged a new and progressive approach to property marketing.

The website's social channels achieved faster growth than any other comparable London-based property development, (twice as fast as the median). The print edition gained strong support from a range of local groups, including QPR, Hammersmith and Fulham Council and the Royal College of Art. Today White City is known for its restaurants, varied communities, creativity and scientific excellence.

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