the Future of Renewable Fuel

Velocys are one of the most exciting technology companies in the world. They are working to deliver an affordable fuel supply that drives the global economy forward as well as meeting environmental concerns. Our communications strategy work over the past five years has helped move Velocys from a behind-the-scenes technology provider to a company who clearly articulate their role in changing the planet.

The bold identity we designed has helped them stand out in a busy and competitive sector, and investors have taken notice, with over £50 million in funding secured since 2013. They are leading the charge in the creation of biorefineries that produce truly renewable fuels in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and are currently building their first refinery in Mississippi.

Recently, they asked us to help them realign their core proposition and create a confident new website that tells the story of a company that will be central to the future of renewable fuel - enhancing energy independence, creating jobs, decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels, and revolutionising power production at a highly localised level.

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