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When a business grows quickly, their brand and strategy can struggle to keep pace. After their success in London’s fast-casual food scene, ramen specialists Tonkotsu needed to reset their identity and processes to help them expand in the UK.

Tonkotsu are serious about ramen. They shipped mid-century noodle machines from Japan for their first East London restaurants. Tonkotsu’s ambition inspired us to seek micro-commissions from creatives with Japanese and British connections.

We worked with Japanese artist Tomomi Maezawa and London based designer Adam Johnson to create graphic marks inspired by the kanji (Japanese logograph) for ‘kotsu’. Kotsu means both ‘bone’ and ‘skill’, communicating the pork bone ingredients of ramen and the knowledge of the recipe.

The resulting icon formed the heart of the refreshed identity, visible online and in their new restaurants in Battersea, Stratford and Birmingham. (Peckham branch opens September 2019)

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