Museum of London

rehearsing an ambitious future

Holders of the richest and most diverse collection of London objects and artefacts, Museum of London played a key role in collecting, examining and celebrating the objects and stories that make our home city unique.

Now, in one of the capital’s most significant cultural events, the museum will expand dramatically in both size and ambition as it relocates its primary site to occupy the historical Smithfield Market.

Over the past five years, the Something More Near team have worked closely with the executive team at the Museum to help the organisation develop strategic and creative initiatives to make the most of this moment of change.

Using imaginative and participatory processes that involve staff from across the museum alongside specialist expertise and Londoners from every walk of life, Something More Near have helped the museum tackle a wide range of questions, ranging from the development of a new content framework to guide programming, to testing the viability of future naming and architecture, and rethinking the culture and organisational structures necessary for a truly 21st Century museum.

A recent highlight included the design and facilitation of a two week residency held during September 2018 in an unused butchers shop in Smithfield market, as part of a process that involved over 500 Londoners in the co-creation of a new statement of the Museum’s Mission, Positioning and organisational Behaviours.

The move to Smithfield will represent a turning point in both the history of the Museum and the London cultural landscape, and we are proud to be a key partner in helping the Museum to realise their ambitions.

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