Mr Moxey’s Mints

artisanal cannabis for british consumers

We have been working with Tim Moxey, an entrepreneur and advocate of responsible marijuana use, to introduce his CBD edibles to the UK. Mr. Moxey's Mints come in a handy tin and are infused with herbal blends and CBD – the compound of cannabis that's legal in Britain. The challenge is to lay the foundations for a reputable brand in a emergent category with a bewildering array of products.

Marijuana-related products are heading mainstream and it's got investors reaching for their spreadsheets. A new consumer category is rapidly emerging where there are no dominant incumbent players and very little consumer understanding.

Mr. Moxey's UK-tailored website and brand messaging will introduce the public to a tasty, safe, and fun product with integrity, and a brand personality that resonates with those looking to try something new – but also stay informed.

Watch this space as Moxey’s Mints arrive and seek a loyal new following in the UK.

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