Gourmet Burger Kitchen

rebooting a high street hero

In early 2011, GBK were at a key turning point. Starting out as an early pioneer in London’s burger scene, over-expansion had led to a dramatic dilution in the quality of the GBK experience and falling appeal amongst most audiences. We played a significant role in helping the leadership team arrive at more coherent and compelling brand positioning, personality and customer experience.

Together with forty staff, investors and the original Kiwi chef legend Pete Gordon, we co-created answers to a more competitive burger and dining out offering. At a retreat held over three days above a cove in Cornwall, we choreographed a series of tasks, conversations and decisions about the GBK eating out experience of the future, and the changes, principles and behaviours needed to deliver on that.

Documented in real time, the project provided the energy and goodwill to push through significant change in the business, from staff behaviour to menu, brand identity and service innovation. The efforts of the GBK team led to a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction and business performance.

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