Franco Manca

keeping a radical bite

With an abundance of players and an easily-bored audience, the UK’s fast-casual restaurant market is a hard one to get right. Franco Manca had grown rapidly from a single sourdough pizza outlet in Brixton Village to become a darling of the London foodie scene, with over 30 restaurants. The question they now faced was a familiar one: how to grow without losing what made them special in the first place.

We co-developed new guidelines for the brand and business, involving over 100 staff in working sessions that covered everything from positioning and logo to the principles behind food sourcing.

With an employee base built around the joyful and raucous traditions of southern Italy, a lot of our time was spent finding ways to codify and amplify what made this great business tick, and finding bigger and better homes for what they already had – bringing the chain's original illustrations out from behind glass frames onto menus, t-shirts and websites, for example, and celebrating its rising stars.

A year later, and Franco Manca is a company that is confident and robust enough to weather a storm that has taken down many of those who used to be their high-street neighbours.

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