Good plastic to change the packaging industry

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Plastic is bad, but this plastic is good. Birmingham innovators Aquapak have spent years developing an ocean-friendly form of plastic called Hydropol that breaks down much like natural organic material. Now they are ready to drag the packaging industry into the 21st century. The product is a genuine solution to the global single-use plastic problem. It’s environmentally safe, scalable, and importantly it functions in existing plastic and paper manufacturing machines.

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We identified Hydropol’s position in the circular economy and combined the product benefits with a fluid visual identity and produced a website that articulates Aquapak’s world-changing ambition. All on a start-up budget.

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Finisterre our favourite Cornish brand, has become the first fashion player to introduce their products in garment bags made from Aquapak polymer. Their new packaging will begin to enter the supply chain with select knitwear lines in October 2019, before a full roll out in February 2020.

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